Umbrella Coverage – For More than Just a Rainy Day

You may have heard the term, or been asked by your insurance agent about umbrella liability coverage. But what is it , and do you really need it?

Umbrella Liability Coverage:

Umbrella Liability is an extra layer of protection over your standard insurance coverage. It protects you and your assets by kicking in if your liability limits are exhausted in the event of a claim.

Do You Really Need an Umbrella Policy?Umbrella!

Our expert opinion is YES! Contrary to popular belief, everyone should have an umbrella policy – not just the wealthy. An extra $1 million of personal coverage cost much less than you might think. And in today’s society, claim costs, settlements and legal fees (if it comes to that) can add up quickly, potentially leaving you to pick up where your home or auto coverage limits end. Wage garnishments, liens on personal property, etc. have been known to happen if responsible parties are unable to front the bill for the full cost of a claim.

Anything Could Happen…

A split-second distraction causes Jim to miss an approaching stop sign plowing into a passing car. The accident results in serious injuries and Jim is sued for $1 million for medical expenses, lost wages, etc. Jim’s auto liability limit maxes out at $300,000 leaving a balance of $700,000. A personal umbrella policy would kick in to cover that balance leaving Jim’s assets untouched (retirement savings, college funds, future earnings, etc.)


Personal umbrella coverage limits begin at $1 million, but higher limits are available. It’s important to talk to your insurance agent about your risk and what level of coverage is right for you.

Umbrella coverage is also available (and highly recommended!) for businesses.

Did You Know? February 10th is National Umbrella Day!


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